Kelpie Chaos

Deb Fitzpatrick

Kelpie Chaos
Fremantle Press
30 April 2024

Kelpie Chaos

Deb Fitzpatrick

A kelpie puppy is about to be sent to the pound and Eli knows he has to do something. After adopting the flame-chested kelpie, now named Zoom, the family falls in love, but they soon learn there's a lot involved in raising a dog. Especially a working dog, who is hard wired to round up pretty much everything ... even socks.

When Zoom goes missing on a family bushwalk, the family sets out on a frantic search. With each passing moment, anxiety mounts, but they refuse to give up hope. As night falls, their strength is tested, both physically and emotionally. Will they be able to find Zoom? What mischief could a dog get up to in the bush?

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