The Last Trace

Petronella McGovern

The Last Trace
Allen & Unwin
2 July 2024

The Last Trace

Petronella McGovern

What if you're scared you committed a crime but can't remember?

Family. It means everything to Sheridan. She has missed having her brother around. At last, Lachy is back in Australia, and Sheridan can't wait to spend the Easter holidays all together in the mountains with their kids.

But, on Good Friday, something devastating happens that rips their two families apart, and now she can't imagine ever forgiving him.

Lachy knows he's not coping, but his sister doesn't have the full story. And, terrifyingly, nor does he. There are some critical gaps in his memory. How is he connected to a missing woman, a hit-and-run, and a request for DNA?

To untangle the truth, Lachy must decide who he can trust. His sister? His friends? Even himself?

The Last Trace is a gripping thriller about siblings and secrets, and the traces we can never erase.

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