Vincent Namatjira

Vincent Namatjira

Vincent Namatjira
Thames and Hudson (Australia) Pty Ltd
31 October 2023

Vincent Namatjira

Vincent Namatjira

'Welcome to the past, present and future. I stand side-by-side with my great-grandfather, who I never met - two painters from the centre of this country, standing up and making our voices heard. I believe in the power of art, the power of the paintbrush. I know that art can change lives. It changed mine and I hope that art can change the world too.'

Vincent Namatjira is an astute observer of life, of power, of popular culture. To be in the presence of a Vincent Namatjira painting is like being on the edge of a portal into another world. From the first page of this monograph, Vincent takes us on a journey through his artwork, contextualising his iconic series on Indigenous soldiers, Indigenous leaders, power and the Royal Family, giving us an insight into his world view.

The book includes essays by Lisa Slade, Nici Cumpston and Gloria Strzelecki from AGSA, by Bruce Johnson McLean from NGA and by Vincent's great friends and artistic collaborators Ben Quilty and Tony Albert but, most importantly, it is Vincent's voice as much as his artwork that resonates in high definition on the page.

'At last a spectacular tome for the many fans of Vincent Namatjira, one that will also win him new admirers. Originating from an exhibition at the Tarnanthi Festival and the Art Gallery of South Australia, this beautifully laid-out book from Thames & Hudson Australia captures the humour and intense vision of Namatjira's career to date.' Roger Benjamin, The Australian Book Review

'Vincent Namatjira showcases the artist's portraits of public figures, from the beloved to the contentious, which often also feature the artist himself... He draws these public figures into his own orbit, depicting himself giving a haircut to Kim Jong-un, cutting a birthday cake with Trump, giving Princess Diana a lift in the back of the ute.' Chloe Wolifson, The Sydney Morning Herald

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