Aliens and Other Worlds: True Tales from Our Solar System and Beyond

Lisa Harvey-Smith

Aliens and Other Worlds: True Tales from Our Solar System and Beyond
Thames and Hudson (Australia) Pty Ltd
28 September 2021

Aliens and Other Worlds: True Tales from Our Solar System and Beyond

Lisa Harvey-Smith

Did life on Earth arrive on a meteorite from outer space? Are there living beings on planets beyond our solar system? If they are out there, what might these aliens look like? Would they be smart, curious, scared? Would they even want to meet us?

Revealing the wonders of scientific inquiry, astrophysicist and best-selling author Lisa Harvey-Smith guides Earthlings young and old through our search for alien life. On the way, she considers where our best chances are to find any galactic neighbours; ponders whether they might already be living among us; and looks at what we might learn about aliens from life at Earth’s extremes.

Asking all the important questions, answering some and explaining why others need further investigation, Aliens and Other Worlds explores the mystery of life beyond Earth. With illustrations by acclaimed artist Tracie Grimwood, this awe-inspiring journey will thrill anyone with eyes fixed on distant horizons.


Aliens and Other Worlds is a voyage of discovery, exploring the mystery of life on Earth and beyond. It’s a wonderful guide to scientific inquiry and the importance of creative thinking, the asking of pertinent questions and the challenging answers that often come with them. It’s an opportunity to speculate about microbial life on the icy moons of Jupiter and Saturn, and ponder unsolved mysteries like the Wow! Signal, a powerful blast of radio energy from the constellation of Sagittarius that confounds astronomers to this day. And it’s an invitation to wonder on whether life might be possible on other Earths in faraway galaxies, and what might it look like?

This book is guaranteed to delight and engage enquiring minds with its succinct chapters, chatty writing style and vivid, playful illustrations. Award-winning astrophysicist and author Lisa Harvey- Smith has a rare talent for making science fun and accessible; she’s the writer of the bestselling children’s book Under the Stars: Astrophysics for Bedtime – one of my personal favourites. Aliens and Other Worlds is wonderful book to share with the whole family, highly recommended for independent readers ages 8+.

Athina Clarke is from Readings Malvern.

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