Queen of Dogs

Joe Weatherstone

Queen of Dogs
Walker Books Australia
5 June 2024

Queen of Dogs

Joe Weatherstone

Maddy’s family are talented and ambitious — sporting trophies, top grades, they collect them all. But Maddy would rather spend time with her best friend, her pug Gusto. When Gusto disappears … her world changes.

Her search for Gusto reveals a surprising talent and Maddy can't believe her ears. She can understand everything the neighbourhood dogs are saying and suddenly Maddy becomes the go-to canine problem solver. But when more and more dogs go missing, Maddy finds herself with a much bigger problem … and she is going to need a lot of friends – two-legged and four-legged – to help her solve it ...


Maddy comes from a busy family. A tennis champ sister, star runner brother and parents with hectic jobs; there is never time to stop and smell the roses! But Maddy isn’t interested in the hustle and bustle of a busy life, all she wants to do is play with her best friend — her dog, Gusto — and dawdle on her way to school, spending time with all the dogs that live on her route. So, when Gusto goes missing, Maddy’s family are not very sympathetic – Maddy is on her own. As her search begins, she discovers that a bite from an Irish Wolfhound gives her the power to talk to dogs and what they are saying is Gusto may not have become lost — he may have been stolen! Can Maddy find the thieves and save Gusto and the other missing dogs from her neighbourhood before it’s too late?

Queen of Dogs is a fun, captivating mystery for kids who love animals. It celebrates the important role dogs play in so many people’s lives and encourages kids to follow their passion and believe in themselves. I loved hearing the humorous things the dogs were saying and found the ending so satisfying. Highly recommended for ages 8+.

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