The Puzzling Pearls (Plum and Woo, Book 1)

Lisa Siberry

The Puzzling Pearls (Plum and Woo, Book 1)
Hardie Grant Children's Publishing
7 April 2021

The Puzzling Pearls (Plum and Woo, Book 1)

Lisa Siberry

Hannah Plum loves fashion, fun, and junk food. Patti Woo is obsessed with detective novels, lives in leggings, and is definitely not Hannah’s friend. But the two girls are stuck at the beachside Heartbreak Hotel together while Hannah’s dad and Patti’s mum are out birdwatching and - yuck! - falling in love.

When a hotel guest’s beautiful pink wedding dress is stolen, Hannah is determined to get to the bottom of it. With a reluctant Patti in tow, the two girls are launched into an ever-deepening mystery. Why is a wedding planner sending secret signals to an unknown guest? Who’s leaving creepy wet diving relics in the hotel rooms? And could some long-lost, famous pink pearls be at the heart of it all?

If Plum and Woo want to survive the summer, they’ll need to solve this mystery in style. But first, they’ll have to survive each other …

In every Plum & Woo instalment, Hannah and Patti will investigate a surprising and sinister fashion mystery while also navigating their newly blending family. Brimming with fun, danger and highly relatable tween angst, this series is perfect for 9+!


Plum and Woo: The Puzzling Pearls is the first in an ongoing adventure series featuring a mismatched pair of amateur sleuths. Mystery reader/ enthusiast Patti Woo has little in common with fashion tragic Hannah Plum. The two girls find themselves reluctant poolside companions at the Heartbreak Hotel, while Hannah’s dad and Patti’s mum embark on daily birdwatching expeditions together outside the hotel grounds.

Things get interesting when a series of suspicious events occur at the hotel, and the girls are drawn from their poolside vantage point into the unfolding drama. There are surreptitious drop-offs, cloaked escapades, coded signals and a slew of stolen valuables, including the theft of a bride’s wedding dress. Plum and Woo find themselves in the heart of a mystery where they must use all their wits to take on a villain and embark on a noble quest to save a wedding – and the hotel itself – from potential ruin.

Author Lisa Siberry was the 2019 Ampersand Prize winner for her debut The Brilliant Ideas of Lily Green, and her new series is quirky, fun and certain to appeal to adventure seeking readers ages 8–12.

Natalie Platten is the assistant manager and children’s book buyer at Readings Doncaster.

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