When You're Older

Sofie Laguna

When You're Older
Allen & Unwin
1 March 2022

When You’re Older

Sofie Laguna

Baby brother, I can’t wait until you’re older.  Just imagine the adventures that lie ahead…   

An exquisitely illustrated and deeply joyful celebration of the bond between brothers. Join them as they explore the far reaches of this wild and amazing world, side by side every step of the way. From two highly acclaimed and award-winning creators.   

‘This is a very special picture book for all ages. We are with the brothers all the way - on the last pages, holding our breath. A masterpiece.’ ANN JAMES   

‘This beautiful book gives us the life we’d all love our children to have, out in the natural world, revelling in its beauty and truly being part of it. The exquisite illustrations are bursting with energy and colour, the language is rich yet simple and the brothers look after each other as brothers should. It really hits the spot, right in your heart.’ ALISON LESTER   

‘A heart-warming story about the powerful bond between brothers.’ MARGARET WILD


As Richard Branson once said, ‘imagination is one of humanity’s greatest qualities’.

Books such as When You’re Older fuel the imagination, encouraging children to dream and wonder. As a young boy impatiently watches his baby brother sleep, he wishes the baby could do more than just eat and sleep. His mind starts to conjure all the wonderful places they will visit and exciting adventures they will have when they are older.

On every gorgeous double-page spread, he visualises a wild and wonderful place. They will be explorers who revel in serendipitous discoveries, but frustratingly, he will have to be patient.

With lush endpapers that promise an enchanting story ahead, When You’re Older delivers a joyous collaboration from two of Australia’s top children’s book creators. Highly recommended for ages 2+.

Alexa Dretzke is the children’s book buyer at Readings Hawthorn.

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