Unfettered and Alive

Anne Summers

Unfettered and Alive
Allen & Unwin
24 October 2018

Unfettered and Alive

Anne Summers

The inspiring autobiography of one of Australia’s most influential women, from cadet journalist to policy maker to change agent at large.

‘I was born into a world that expected very little of women like me. We were meant to tread lightly on the earth, influencing events through our husbands and children, if at all. We were meant to fade into invisibility as we aged. I defied all of these expectations and so have millions of women like me.’

This is the exhilarating story of Anne Summers’ extraordinary career as a journalist, author, policy maker, political advisor, bureaucrat, board member, editor, publisher, and political activist. Her story has her travelling around the world as she moves from job to job, in newspapers and magazines, advising prime ministers, leading feminists debates, presiding over Greenpeace International, writing memorable and influential books. Anne has not been afraid to walk away from success and to satisfy her constant restlessness by charging down new and risky paths. Whatever position she has held, she has expanded what’s possible and helped us see things differently.

Anne shares revealing stories about the famous and powerful people she has worked with or reported on, and is refreshingly frank about her own anxieties and mistakes as well as her at times heart-breaking family story of violence and ultimate reconciliation. Unfettered and Alive is a provocative and inspiring memoir by a woman who broke through so many boundaries to show what women can do.

‘It’s the story of a lot of things-Australian politics, feminism, journalism, international intrigue-but most of all it’s the story of an utterly singular woman, who always says “Yes” to life even when it scares her. Her memory for the events, and her frankness about the fear, make this an extraordinary memoir.’ - Annabel Crabb

‘Exhilarating and what storytelling!’ - Quentin Bryce

‘The compelling memoir of a magnificent woman.’ - David Marr

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