The Vanishing Moment

Margaret Wild

The Vanishing Moment
Allen & Unwin
20 August 2013

The Vanishing Moment

Margaret Wild

A moment. That’s all it takes. A bewildering moment when the world spins upside-down, and then life can never be the same again.

Arrow was just a girl when she saw something no child should have to see. And Marika is living a sister’s worst nightmare.

When Arrow and Marika come together in a small seaside town, they meet a mysterious ‘magician’ who says he knows how to escape the now and step into a new future.

A brilliant and bittersweet story of loss and courage, with a surprising twist.


In The Vanishing Moment, Margaret Wild introduces us to two young women, both of whom have experienced major trauma and sadness. Arrow witnessed a terrible tragedy when she was just a small child and Marika has been living in a nightmare since her family was torn apart. The two girls meet in a small coastal town where they each attempt to make sense of their situations. They also meet Bob, a strange and troubled magician with an amazing memory, who may hold the key that would enable the girls to escape from their personal hell.

With a hat-tip to Jorge Luis Borges’ The Garden of Forking Paths, this book explores the possibility of alternate realities and the pitfalls of running from your problems. The Vanishing Moment is an eerie, mysterious novel for teenagers, richly textured with vivid, memorable scenes and cleverly painted details.

Kim Gruschow

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