7 Doors to Orgasm: Women's Edition

Deva Oksana

7 Doors to Orgasm: Women's Edition
United States
3 January 2023

7 Doors to Orgasm: Women’s Edition

Deva Oksana

For centuries a women’s sexuality and orgasmic sensitivity have been hidden, suppressed, filled with guilt, and never explained or taught with light, love, and positivity. That is, until now! Deva Oksana’s 7 Doors to Orgasm uses light, fun art, simple groundbreaking techniques, and self-healing science to open up to the power of your own orgasmic sensitivity.

Vaginal orgasm is not a fairy tale; it’s a technology available at your fingertips. Everyone has erogenous zones, but some are sleeping. The clitoris is not the only female erogenous zone. In a short time, with the help of simple, well-established techniques, you can wake up your sleeping zones. An orgasm is a cocktail of multivitamins that provides a deep relaxation that is required for the body to perform at optimal levels. The joy of sex is encoded in all our genes. It can be developed at any age. Mastery = Practice + Passion. If you give a child a teacher and a violin, then after a year of practice they will play you a melody. Each of us naturally has abilities and talents that are sleeping. Once you experience an orgasm from a completely new zone, you will be incredibly eager to discover all your other exciting zones. This will give you the wings to fly to all-new heights. The 7 doors of this book correlate to the 7 colors of the chakras. They will reveal fun, informative, medical, historical, and cultural information, and techniques.

A happy satisfying sex life and enjoying the power of your orgasm are within your reach through simple fun exercises that teach you how to: meditate to reduce your stress, communicate with trust, and how to explore your own sexuality. This book serves the mission of helping you discover the amazing pleasure of your own orgasm and beautiful sexuality that lay with in each of us as women

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