Transformed!: The Science of Spectacular Living

Dr. Judith Wright,Dr. Bob Wright

Transformed!: The Science of Spectacular Living
Turner Publishing Company
United States
26 March 2013

Transformed!: The Science of Spectacular Living

Dr. Judith Wright,Dr. Bob Wright

Winner of the 2013 Nautilus Silver Award

In the radical new book Transformed!, bestselling author Dr. Judith Wright and acclaimed speaker Dr. Bob Wright explore how individuals can achieve lifelong transformation-in their careers, their relationships, and their lives.

Transformed! integrates cutting-edge findings across many fields with groundbreaking research about the highest performing students at the Wright’s

internationally recognized leadership training institute, who didn’t just make exceptional improvements in their lives but took remarkable leaps forward. This study, combined with over 30 years of feedback and program development, is crafted into an effective and compelling six-phase process for growth and transformation, the heart of which is a person’s deepest yearning and the pathway to finding it.

Providing a powerful breakthrough to understanding why most self-help and personal development programs don’t work, Transformed! profiles individuals who have attained deep fulfillment in every aspect of life and illustrates how anyone, by following this proven process, can achieve lasting, revolutionary transformation.

The Wrights’ book is about transformation that taps human potential at all levels. The strength and commitment of the people they coach and train is proof of their effectiveness. -Dr. Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Laureate and Founder of Grameen Bank

I’ve seen the results of the Wrights’ science-based, proven technologies in leaders and folks from all walks of life, and the results are unique and powerful. The integrity, critical thinking, and accomplishments of their students are remarkable.

-Brad Anderson, former CEO, Best Buy

Thanks to Dr. Judith Wright and Dr. Bob Wright, we now have a powerful and comprehensive toolkit for personal and global awakening. If you are ready to activate your visionary birthright, read and apply what you learn in this ‘must-absorb’ new book. You will absolutely see significant changes in every domain of your life.
-Barnet Bain, producer of What Dreams May Come and The Celestine Prophecy and member of the Transformational Leadership Council

Excerpt from Transformed!

If you’re like most people, you know what you want. In fact, if pressed, you could probably rattle off a laundry list of wants: cars, houses, vacations, jobs, electronic devices, and so on. But when it comes to what you yearn for, you may draw a blank.

There’s something vaguely old-fashioned about the term. It has an Old Testament ring to it. Or it sounds like what a heroine in a Victorian novel might say as she stares out the window of her Gothic tower waiting for a lost love to return. As a result, you probably haven’t used yearn in a sentence recently. It feels awkward on your tongue, uncertain in your mind.

But take a moment to reflect upon what you yearn for. Let your mind go blank and listen to your heart. Imagine if your soul had a voice and could articulate what it wants most in the world. Or, more simply, consider what you desire deeply, what would turn your good life into a great one.

Still nothing? That’s okay. Yearning is a natural capacity you can develop.

Or maybe you’ve come up with a list of things you yearn for that are actually wants-you yearn to be rich, you yearn to travel the world, you yearn for freedom, you yearn to have your boyfriend or girlfriend agree to marry you, you yearn for a gigantic television. It’s okay, too, to mistake wants for yearnings-we all do it.

The good news is that we know what you yearn for-they are the same things that everyone

in the world yearns for. Specifically, we yearn:

~ to matter

~ to love and be loved

~ to be seen

~ to contribute

~ to connect

~ to belong

~ to achieve mastery

~ to be affirmed

~ to connect with a higher power

There are different ways to parse these yearnings-Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is one way to view them-and we’ll look at them through various lenses, from stories of those who have learned to yearn effectively, to perspectives including education, positive psychology, and neuroscience to behavioral economics. But for now, recognize that these yearnings are universal, and that by getting in touch with them, you open your life to the possibility of greatness.

So all you have to do is memorize this list and you’re set? If only it were that easy, we could limit the frustration of career dissatisfaction, unfulfilling relationships, and much general emotional pain and frustration with a snap of our fingers. Getting in touch with what you yearn for is an attainable skill, but you need to learn the process. We know-the word process sounds dull and formulaic. But this process is neither of those things. Instead, it’s challenging, exciting, and transformational.

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