Pádraig Kenny, Steve McCarthy (illus.)

Walker Books Ltd
United Kingdom
5 June 2024


Pádraig Kenny, Steve McCarthy (illus.)

Stitch is not a monster - he's a creation.

He and his friend Henry Oaf were brought to life by the genius Professor Hardacre, and have spent all their days in a castle deep in the woods, far from humankind. But when the Professor dies and his pompous nephew comes to take over the laboratory, they soon find out that his sights are set not on scientific discovery, but personal glory. And Henry is his next experiment.

Can Stitch and Henry escape his clutches and make their way in a world they were never built for - and may never be ready for them?

A magnificent gothic adventure full of heart for age 8+


Stitch doesn’t know where he came from, he only remembers waking up in the professor’s lab. Though he has never left the castle, he’s content with his life: just him, the Professor, Henry Oaf, and the brown mouse. It’s the only life he’s ever known.

But with the beloved Professor gone and his nephew moving into the lab, Stitch’s world is shifting quickly around him. Discover his new life with him as he learns of cruelty, friendship, loss, and what it means to be brave, all for the first time.

Spending time with Stitch is such a delight. He’s so alive (pardon me), he becomes a dear friend just moments after meeting him. An inspired reimagining of the classic Frankenstein, this is a gothic and venturesome tale that explores themes of grief, loyalty, prejudice, and how kindness is not only contagious, but also has the power to change the world.

This story is ideal for kids aged 9–12 who like a spooky twist to their adventures.

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