The Deadlands: Hunted

Skye Melki-Wegner

The Deadlands: Hunted
Walker Books Ltd
United Kingdom
4 May 2023

The Deadlands: Hunted

Skye Melki-Wegner

Dinosaurs fight for survival in book one of this action-packed new middle-grade series.

Perfect for fans of Jurassic Park and Skandar and the Unicorn Thief.

This is my favourite middle grade book of the year. New York Times bestselling author Amie Kaufman

The last surviving dinosaur kingdoms are waging war in the kingdoms of Cretacea.

When the Fallen Star struck, it brought death and despair, ash and toxic rain. But some dinosaurs survived … and were changed. Their minds grew alert. They learned to speak. To dream. To wage war.

Eleri is an oryctodromeus, a small dinosaur raised in an underground warren. He dreams of becoming his herd’s storyteller but when he saves an enemy soldier from a pterosaur attack, he is exiled to the Deadlands. To survive this scorched desert full of carnivores, he joins a herd of other young exiles, including a peppy stegosaur, a stoic sauropod, an irritable triceratops … and a mysterious spy. Can five young misfits save their warring kingdoms?

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