You Can Run

Trevor Wood

You Can Run
Quercus Publishing
United Kingdom
16 March 2023

You Can Run

Trevor Wood

It takes a whole village to save a child in this breath-taking standalone thriller from the acclaimed author of The Jimmy Mullen Series.

It wasn’t her dad they were after - it was her.

Ruby Winter is surprised when her reclusive father invites a strange solider into their house. Intrigued, she tries to eavesdrop on their conversation, but is alarmed when she hears a fight break out. She dashes into the kitchen to save her dad, but he’s not the one in trouble.

The soldier has been stabbed and is bleeding out on the floor. Refusing her pleas to call an ambulance, her dad urges her to pack a bag - they have to run. As they try to escape her dad is shot and Ruby is chased by one of the soldier’s comrades but is hidden by Lucas, a boy she has ignored up till now.

Ruby and Lucas saw a military-style ambulance whisk her dad away. She is desperate to find him but the village is quickly under siege. The roads in have been blocked and soldiers are patrolling the streets urging everyone to stay indoors for their own safety.

Ruby must work out who took her father and why. But what if learning the truth means discovering the life she once knew was a lie?

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