Bitter: The Missing Ingredient

Alexina Anatole

Bitter: The Missing Ingredient
Vintage Publishing
United Kingdom
1 September 2022

Bitter: The Missing Ingredient

Alexina Anatole

From coffee to beer, grapefruit to bitter leaves, and tahini to walnut, bitter flavours are consumed and celebrated . The buzz for bitterness is ever-growing from tahini cookie trends to Seville orange marmalade mania taking hold in the UK and beyond. Rich in both flavour and nutritional benefits, bitter flavours have never seemed more appealing.

In Bitter, MasterChef finalist Alexina Anatole introduces us to the wonderful world of bitterness - where it appears, how to use bitter flavours in your cooking and why they’re good for us. Across ten key bitter ingredients - grapefruits and bitter oranges, bitter leaves, tahini, beer, walnuts, cranberries, tea, coffee, cocoa and liquorice, this cookbook offers over one hundred bitter-based dishes for the modern home cook. From curious beginners and foodies alike, this cookbook showcases the scope and potential of bringing bitterness into your kitchen.

With dishes including tahini miso steak, negroni pavlova and liquorice panna cotta, Alexina draws inspiration from cuisines around the world in recipes that take a new twist on some of the well-loved classics. It’s time to find the beauty in bitterness.

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