Luther for Everyone

Hans Schwarz

Luther for Everyone
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United States
27 February 2024

Luther for Everyone

Hans Schwarz

Martin Luther is among those most influential and well-known people ever to live. But who was he and what did he want? What significance does he have for the world beyond the church? When these questions are posed, it becomes apparent that Martin Luther's theology, confession, and understanding of the world are little known outside of the Protestantism. Yet, Luther's numerous publications and teaching tenure at the University of Wittenberg extended far beyond Germany and far beyond Lutheranism.

His translation of the Bible led to a revolution in publishing, language, and media. He nurtured the sciences, promoted an education system for boys, girls, and even the poor. He decisively shaped our understanding, sharpened our social conscience, and even influenced the renewal of the Catholic Church. Luther, in short, is for everyone. In this book, renowned scholar and theologian, Hans Schwarz traces these many connections and influences between Luther's world and our own. The result is a compelling account of Luther that can instruct both contemporary Lutherans and the broader public in the life and legacy of one of the makers of the modern world.

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