In the Shallows

Tanya Byrne

In the Shallows
Hachette Children's Group
United Kingdom
13 April 2023

In the Shallows

Tanya Byrne

From the acclaimed author of Afterlove comes a sapphic love story about the legend of the sea, and the power of home.

Nicoletta has no surname, she has no memories at all. When Mara discovers her, the pair go on a beautiful journey to find out the truth behind her past … and create a brand new story together…

New Year’s Day: A girl is brought to shore by fisherman - wild dark eyes, dark curls made darker and wilder by skin so pale she looks like an unfinished canvas. But where did she come from? She calls herself Nicoletta, but before now, she was lost at the bottom of the sea with all the other treasure. A siren with nowhere to call home.

In Brighton, rumours spread - the legend goes that the next time the fishermen head out, their boat fails to return to shore. Is she a bad omen? Her face is printed on t-shirts, and she becomes nothing more than a legend, a story swapped among friends.

But one day, the girl appears in the cafe where Mara Malakar works. Nicoletta and Mara explore every corner of the town, haunting bookshops and parks, trying to ignite some memory in Nicoletta, as Mara learns more about herself. But soon Mara wants to be more than friends. Nico remains focused on remembering. She may not want to, though. There could be a reason she’s locked everything behind a door. One day, she’s going to be brave enough to open it, and what will happen to her then? To them?

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