Never Too Late: Your Guide to Safer Sex after 60

Shannon Dowler

Never Too Late: Your Guide to Safer Sex after 60
Johns Hopkins University Press
United States
14 February 2023

Never Too Late: Your Guide to Safer Sex after 60

Shannon Dowler

The ultimate-and fun!-guide to maintaining vibrant sexual health with aging.

In Never Too Late, Shannon Dowler, MD, a family physician who is also an expert on sexually transmitted diseases (STD), provides a refreshing overview of sexual education for people over 55. With the advent of dating apps, vibrant 55+ retirement communities, and sexual enhancement drugs, adults are sexually active well into their golden years. Unfortunately, the rates of STDs are dramatically increasing in older adults.

In entertaining, accessible language, Dr. Dowler presents relatable patient stories and hilarious rhymes that make for an easy and fun way to learn about safe sex. This guide covers important topics, including:

* How to identify the signs and symptoms of different STDs, including newer infections * The importance of regular screening * Best sexual practices, including guidance on medications
* Preventative measures, tests, and treatments * Guidance on how to broach difficult conversations with romantic partners and doctors * Details about changing sexual trends, including dating apps, swinging, and normal aging changes that may impact your sexuality * Conditions commonly confused with sexually transmitted infections, such as urinary tract infections, tick-related infections, and forms of dermatitis * Common misconceptions, myths, and assumptions
* Advice on seeking medical care when uninsured or financially limited

Never Too Late will help you take charge of your sexual health and learn how to protect yourself and your current and future partners.

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