Our Daily Bread: Exposition of the Readings of Catholic Mass

James H. Kurt

Our Daily Bread: Exposition of the Readings of Catholic Mass
United States
30 November 2004

Our Daily Bread: Exposition of the Readings of Catholic Mass

James H. Kurt

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Word and Sacrament. This is the food that sustains us here on our pilgrimage to heaven. The Word of God and the Sacrament of the altar - this is our daily bread. What greater gift could we ask for than to hear the Word of God proclaimed and receive our Lord each day at holy Mass? This is the foundation of our faith; here is the paragon of prayer which strengthens us for our work in this world. In this writing the author has sought to allow the Scripture readings for each Mass (and all Masses of the liturgical calendar are covered: all Sundays and weekdays of Ordinary Time, Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter seasons, as well as Solemnities and Feasts) speak for themselves. This is evident in his extensive quoting and paraphrasing of the Word, but perhaps more significantly in his taking as his guiding principle the Lord’s instruction not to consider beforehand what to say when brought to bear witness to Him (see Mk.13:11). After reading the Scriptures for the day three times (before dawn), Mr. Kurt let the Spirit direct him - writing without revision, trusting entirely in the Lord. Thus “describing spiritual realities in spiritual terms” (1Cor.2 :13), the message and tone of the writing reflect that of the readings themselves; the work is therefore termed an exposition of the readings of Catholic Mass. This book has received an imprimatur from the Most Reverend John J. Meyers, J.C.D., D.D., Archbishop of Newark, New Jersey. Author’s Website: www.writingsofjameskurt.org

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