I am David

Anne Holm

I am David
HarperCollins Publishers
United Kingdom
1 February 2018

I am David

Anne Holm

‘You must get away tonight,’ the man had told him.

David escapes from the concentration camp where he has spent his entire life and flees across Europe. He is utterly alone - who can he trust? What will await him? And all the while, how can he be sure that they won’t catch up with him …

This is the remarkable story of David’s introduction to the world: sea, mountains and flowers, the colours of Italy, the taste of fruit, people laughing and smiling, all are new to David. David learns that his polite manner, his haunted eyes and his thin features are strange to other people. He must learn to fend for himself in this strange new world.

An incredible story of survival against all odds and self discovery, for readers of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and The Book Thief.


I distinctly remember the feeling I had after reading this book when I was young – a heartfelt appreciation of how truly lucky I am.

This story set during the Second World War begins with David being given instructions from a guard on how to escape from a concentration camp. Although David has learnt many languages from the other inmates, which helps during his perilous journey across Europe, he knows little of the world and must learn quickly. At every terrifying moment, he expects to be caught, but slowly gains confidence, meets some kind people, is imprisoned by others, and makes a deal with God in order to survive.

This is a survival story where the reader has their heart in their mouth as they turn the pages, hoping against hope that the young protagonist will make it to his destination. I Am David has lost none of its potency in the nearly 60 years since it was first published. It is a testament to the strength of the human spirit that will deeply move and inspire readers aged 10 and up.

Angela Crocombe is a senior buyer at Readings

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