Do Tell

Lindsay Lynch

Do Tell
Hodder & Stoughton
United Kingdom
11 July 2023

Do Tell

Lindsay Lynch

The clock is ticking on Hollywood actress Edie O'Dare's contract with FWM Studios. Her acting career is going nowhere, and she's running out of time to find a new role in the industry – other than providing salacious details of the latest party or premiere to the press. So when an up-and-coming starlet hands her an explosive letter – alleging an assault by an A-list actor – Edie helps get the story into print, and buys herself a new career as Tinseltown's new reigning gossip columnist.

Edie has more power on the page than she ever commanded in front of the camera. But dealing in your former friends' secrets comes at a price – and when her scoop turns into the trial of the decade, Edie's decisions have the potential to ruin more than one life.

Do Tell is a glittering journey into golden age Hollywood, and a sharply relevant exploration of secrets, power, and who gets to tell your story.

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