All the Colours of the Dark

Chris Whitaker

All the Colours of the Dark
Orion Publishing Co
United Kingdom
25 June 2024

All the Colours of the Dark

Chris Whitaker

Late one summer, the town of Monta Clare is shattered by the abduction of local teenager Joseph 'Patch' Macauley. Nobody more so than Saint Brown, who is broken by her best friend's disappearance. Soon, she will eat, sleep, breathe, only to find him.

But when she does: it will break her heart.

Patch lies in a pitch-black room - all alone - for days or maybe weeks. Until he feels a hand in his. Her name is Grace and, though they cannot see each other, she takes him from the darkness and paints their world with her words. In this hopeless place, they fall in love.

But when he escapes: there is no sign she ever even existed.

To find her again, Patch charts an epic search across the country. And, to set him free, Saint will shadow his journey: on a darker path to hunt down the man who took them.

Even if finding the truth means losing each other forever...


By the second paragraph of this book, you will think you know what happened to young Patch Macauley. (Spoiler alert: You don’t.) By the second page, you will need to know what happened to Patch Macauley. By the 22nd page, you will have realised taking this journey into small-town America where Patch and his best friend, Saint, live is no longer optional. And by the last page, you will need a large drink and a lie down as you recover from the epic pilgrimage you have just been on.

Monta Clare is the kind of small town that would feel right at home in the pages of a Stephen King novel, and Chris Whitaker’s characters are just as well-drawn and intriguing as anything King could create. There’s Chief Nix, the tired but dedicated policeman who takes Saint under his wing as she tries anything and everything to bring her friend back. Sammy, a philandering alcoholic gallery owner encourages a scarred Patch to take up painting as an escape from the world that has damaged him so very much. Dr Tooms, with his secrets and lies, the wealthy Meyer family living above the town, but still unable to remove themselves completely from those they deem beneath them, and Ivy Macauley, Patch’s mother and perhaps the most heartbreaking character of them all.

And then there’s Patch and Saint. Childhood friends, drawn together because they had no one else, their lives take a very different path when Patch returns. Both haunted by the crime that separated them, both determined to stop it from happening again, they chase the impossible until it becomes reality. Gritty, bleak and all-encompassing, this crime novel is a commitment (all 576 pages of it) not to be taken lightly.

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