It's Mawdsley

David Baker

It's Mawdsley
United States
24 August 2022

It’s Mawdsley

David Baker

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"It is horrible and should not exist." - Ben Granger, Spike Magazine / "Indescribable, contender for the grossest book I have ever read." - Anita Dalton, Odd Things Considered / "It's so weird it's undefinable but so charming it is universally relatable." - Christy Stewart, Goodreads review / The Blurb: 19-year-old thug Craig Mawdsley has robbed your home, smashed up your car and mugged your grandmother. Now he attempts his greatest ever assault on the general public - by writing a book. Craig hates everyone so much that even his dislike of writing cannot stop his desire to offend all those that have labelled him a chav, weasel, scumbag - and, yes, c*nt. You know his type, you see him everyday, and you try to avoid him at all costs. But you can't anymore, because within these demented pages, Craig tells how he has inexplicably risen through the social ranks to a place where he can terrorise mankind with unlimited prejudice - before the true purpose of his unusual literary project is shockingly revealed. / A word from the author: It's Mawdsley was originally published in 2007. This 2022 edition is editorially superior and the prequel to the up-coming second book in the Mawdsley series, World Maw 3. /

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