Middle Grade Novel #4 Swarm

Terrance Crawford

Middle Grade Novel #4 Swarm
Scholastic US
United States
2 July 2024

Middle Grade Novel #4 Swarm

Terrance Crawford

Dive into the terrifying world of PIGGY in the fourth original illustrated novel based on the fan-favourite video game!

Secrets hidden in darkness, new enemies lurking in the shadows,
  and old mysteries finally coming to light! It's been ten months
  since Ben confronted the dark truths at the center of the Infection
  and things are - surprisingly - going well. But lately, he has
  started having bad dreams again. Dreams of an ominous, bow tie
  wearing figure with sinister intentions. And he's not the only
  one - people all over Lucella are having similar nightmares.
  Now Ben must assemble a team of friends both new and old to
  defeat The Entity and his sewer-dwelling legion before the island
  of Lucella falls into their evil clutches!

  Based on the popular survival-horror game, PIGGY

  Piggy has been visited over 8.7 billion times

  A thrilling novel full of secrets, monsters and adventure

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