Millie Fleur's Poison Garden

Christy Mandin

Millie Fleur's Poison Garden
Scholastic US
United States
2 July 2024

Millie Fleur’s Poison Garden

Christy Mandin

A delightfully peculiar story about finding joy in
being wonderfully weird.

  Garden Glen is a very bland place. Every house and every garden
  looks exactly like the other. That is, until Millie Fleur La Fae
  comes to town.

  Up on a scruffy hill, beside a ramschackle house, Millie Fleur
  plants her marvelously strange garden, filled with Sneezing Stickyweed,
  Fanged Fairymoss, and Grumpy Gilliflower. Millie Fleur finds
  it enchanting, but the townspeople of Garden Glen call it poison!

  But Millie Fleur is proud of her beloved little garden. So if
  some townspeople want to be sticks in the mud, she'll take matters
  into her own hands and find the kindred spirits who appreciate
  everything the garden has to offer.

  Millie Fleur's Poison Garden is a reminder to

embrace everything that makes us wonderfully weird.

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