Food Regeneration Guide Blood Group AB

Manuel Ramoni

Food Regeneration Guide Blood Group AB
United States
3 August 2023

Food Regeneration Guide Blood Group AB

Manuel Ramoni

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BLOOD GROUP "AB" - THE ENIGMA. What you will learn in the following pages will change your life and that of your loved ones forever and in such a precise and safe way that in a few weeks they will feel the changes in their body in such a radical and different way, that They will feel and will be younger, stronger, more vigorous, full of energy, vitality and most importantly ... Full of great health and that when any viral or bacterial disease wants to enter their body, they will hardly feel a breakdown since their immune system and "ALKALINITY" (I will teach you later) - it will be so strong that it will be almost impossible for them to ever get sick again (this if they keep their new culture of feeding and living that I will teach them for life) and therefore lead them to live the average 100-year-old.

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