Houses Under the Sea: Mythos Tales

Caitlin R Kiernan

Houses Under the Sea: Mythos Tales
Blackstone Publishing
25 May 2021

Houses Under the Sea: Mythos Tales

Caitlin R Kiernan

Since H. P. Lovecraft first invited colleagues such as Frank Belknap Long and Robert Bloch (among others) to join in his creation of what has come to be known as the Cthulhu Mythos (over Lovecraft’s less invocative name of Yog-Sothery ), dozens of authors have tried their hand at adding to this vast tapestry with varying degrees of success. Some, like the then teenage Ramsey Campbell, used the Mythos as a starting point to his own career while still finding his own authorial voice. Others, like Stephen King and Neil Gaiman, did so at the height of their careers, paying homage to an author who had been such a tremendous inspiration to them. But no one, absolutely no one, has contributed such a body of brilliant and profoundly original work to the Mythos as has Caitlin R. Kiernan.

In this remarkable collection the author has selected over two dozen of her best Lovecraftian tales ranging from 2000s Valentia to her more recent classic A Mountain Walked as well as including the complete Dandridge Cycle, as well as a new story, M Is for Mars. In short, this is a cornerstone volume for Kiernan fans and Mythos devotees alike.

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