The Power Of Fate

Monica de Castro, The Spirit Leonel

The Power Of Fate
United States
1 August 2023

The Power Of Fate

Monica de Castro, The Spirit Leonel

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Jaqueline is a 19-year-old girl. Full of life and dreams, she thinks of a better future for herself and her brother Mauricio, ten years younger than her. They are the children of Rosemary, a nursing technician at a public hospital in Vila Velha, Espirito Santo. Jaqueline's father died a few years ago, and her mother married Dimas, a womanizer and a fan of aguardiente. Dimas has been sexually abusing Jaqueline since she became a child. She tries to tell her mother the truth, but Rosemary, jealous and possessive as well as very insecure, does not believe her daughter. Rosemary dies and Jaqueline and Mauricio no longer want to live with Dimas. After all, there is no longer any bond between them. During a fight, Jaqueline stabs Dimas. He falls practically lifeless, and she and her brother flee to Rio de Janeiro. There, Jaqueline is unable to find work and she becomes a prostitute at the invitation of Lampiao, a pimp in the port area. Through Lampiao, Jaqueline meets federal deputy Igor Lafayete, a man with the most bizarre sexual desires. He subjects Jaqueline to uncomfortable intimate situations. She puts up with everything in silence because she needs to play the role of a sister. Lafayete has an advisor - later he is known to be his half-brother -, Cezar. He tries to help Jaqueline within his limits and also to free himself from the clutches of Lafayete, who eventually becomes fascinated by Jaqueline, he even thinks of killing his wife, Sophia. Dimas reappears alive. The encounter between him and Jaqueline provokes another tragedy. At the same time, the story of Alice married to Lucian, daughter of Eve and Celso, unfolds. She has a sister, Denise. Both of them get along very well until a secret from their parents' past comes to light and changes their relationship and lives. It should be noted that Alice was born glued to another girl, Bruna. The xiphopagus sisters underwent surgery and Bruna could not resist, although, from time to time, she appears in spirit to Alice while she sleeps. Jaqueline and Alice dream of each other recurrently. Interesting fact: they are the same person, and Jaqueline lived in 2015. Alice lives in 2219. Would they be two incarnations told in the same story? If they are the same person, would Alice change Jaqueline's past and avoid the tragedy of over 200 years ago?

A novel that deals with parallel dimensions, with the many lives that the spirit can experience simultaneously, in the various dimensions existing in the universe.

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