More Book Folding For Beginners: 20 Pattern Pack Folded Book Art Gifts to Make for Free

Holly Dibella-McCarthy

More Book Folding For Beginners: 20 Pattern Pack Folded Book Art Gifts to Make for Free
Holly Dibella-McCarthy
27 July 2022

More Book Folding For Beginners: 20 Pattern Pack Folded Book Art Gifts to Make for Free

Holly Dibella-McCarthy

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If you have a Hardcover Book, a pencil, and a ruler, you can make Folded Book Art gifts for yourself and others FOR FREE with the Patterns and Instructions in this Book!

More Book Folding for Beginners 20 Pattern Pack follows the 2020 edition of Book Folding for Beginners: Step-by-Step Instructions and Patterns. More Book Folding offers new detailed Beginner Friendly Folded Book Art Instructions. This How to Fold Book can be used in addition to the first book, or as an initial introduction to folded book art. This origami folding for beginners in a book creates professional results.

Find 20 easy to follow Folded Book Art Measure, Mark & Fold Patterns to choose from requiring just 2 folds per page! Fold a book for your bookshelf, entryway, guestroom, office, or anywhere an accent POP or conversation starter is needed! Fold Unique Gifts for Holidays, Birthdays, for a Host, Hostess, Get Well or Thank you Gift, or to cheer up friend. Folds take from 2-6 hours to complete depending on Pattern choice. Gift recipients will be amazed and will cherish their one-of-a-kind art piece.

A Bonus Open-Heart Pattern for First-Timer success is included. Learn how to book fold, and complete the 101-fold heart pattern in just 2-3 hours! Patterns: Kite, Heart Basket, Easter Egg, Mom, #1Dad, Cross, Bunny, Pumpkin, Football, Double Heart, Christmas Tree, Angel, Snowman, Elephant, Harry Potter, Cat Woman Mask, Anchor, Cat, Paw, Butterfly.

Folding Book Art Instructions are written for those first learners who wish to master this art form. And book folders of all ability levels will achieve professionally folded book results with the included measure, mark and fold Patterns.

Pattern Pack includes 21 Patterns. A Book Selection Guide will aid in matching an appropriate book to each Pattern selected.

Want to Learn? Easy How-To Beginner Friendly Instructions with illustrations; Patterns require 2 folds per page. Beginners can complete a Folded Book in as little as 2 hours!

Already Know? Create Professional Folded Books for Gifting, Selling, and Displaying Unique Recycled Book Art.

Book folding Instructions include 5 STEPS TO SUCCESS: Gathering Supplies, Calculating Your Starting Page, Mark Pages, Fold Pages, and Finishing Tips- with clear illustrations for every step.

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