River of Light: New & Selected Poems

Audrey Streetman

Audrey J. Streetman
24 June 2022

River of Light: New & Selected Poems

Audrey Streetman

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Praise for Audrey Streetman’s River of Light

Audrey Streetman’s River of Light provides us the experience of her excellent perspicacity that is superseded only by her poetic sensitivity.

Michael D. Anderson, Ph.D, D. D.Former Senior Pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church for 23 yearsFormer President of Presbyterian Health Foundation for 8 years

Audrey Streetman’s image-magic transports us across time and space from a grandson’s birth to the wet thighs of morning, from an abandoned town where store fronts stand like pillars of salt to the cyst on the ovary of post-bombing Oklahoma City. In A Chain of Events, Streetman writes, A person’s life is a collection of stories. River of Light’s poetic storytelling invites us to experience life’s joy and sorrow, grief and love, as chronicled by a remarkable woman.

Jeanetta Calhoun MishAuthor of Work Is Love Made Visible (West End Press, 2009)www.tonguetiedwoman.com

River of Light is a prime example of Audrey Streetman’s artistry. Her poetry touches deeply, ignites thought, establishes kinship. This collection covers Audrey’s poetic art over more than three decades, following the unbroken thread of her acute perception of emotional depths. Her insights are sometimes couched in metaphor, sometimes in literal references; but always they are rooted in the touchstones of faith, memory, and spiritual quest. In River of Light, Audrey’s paintbrush of words forms striking imagery– light slips under the wing of night ; recalls milestones which rake the leaves of the past ; queries existence and beliefs; and glows with all the colors of human experience.

Judith Rycroft is an award-winning poet, a retired high school and university teacher, magazine editor, workshop presenter, and playwright.Her work has appeared in magazines and anthologies in the United States and Great Britain.

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