The Awakening of Devorah Boyd

Stacy M Wray

The Awakening of Devorah Boyd
Stacy M Wray
28 July 2022

The Awakening of Devorah Boyd

Stacy M Wray

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Devorah Boyd avoids people at all costs, not wanting to be recognized for her past sins-her face plastered all over social media and newspapers after the tragic abduction of her daughter. So, she flees, moving from town to town to remain anonymous, leaving everything and everyone behind.

Erasing her past is the only way she knows how to exist.

A pro at keeping to herself, Devorah watches the world pass her by through the lone window in her bare, cramped quarters. She feels undeserving of anything more.

It’s been two years since the horrific crime when Sawyer Thomas moves into the apartment across the street, stirring Devorah’s interest immediately. But when he catches her watching him, he confronts her, throwing her into a tailspin. After several attempts, he finally manages to coax her out from behind her glass veil, and it isn’t long before they strike up an odd friendship.

As Devorah continues to study Sawyer, she can’t figure out his mysterious outings in the middle of the night-donned entirely in black-tucking a camera into his trunk upon his return home. Who could he possibly be taking pictures of? And why in the dead of night?

Sawyer has secrets of his own, and she needs to know them. But when Sawyer unexpectedly confesses who he’s been watching and why, Devorah doesn’t hesitate to offer her assistance, uncaring about any danger involved.

Shame is her prison.

Retribution sets her free.

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