As Darkness Falls

Jay Long,Various Authors

As Darkness Falls
300 South Media Group
4 August 2021

As Darkness Falls

Jay Long,Various Authors

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Writers needed a platform to share their unhappy endings. As Darkness Falls became that vessel.

64 writers from around the world contributed their spilled ink to help form the finished product. Their words were not censored, the text was left the way they wrote it–the way it was intended–heartfelt, raw, and honest.

As Darkness Falls is an anthology encompassing the stories and experiences of loss, grief, betrayal, and the reality of living within those shadows. It is a look at the darker side of life from the eyes of writers and poets who understand not everything holds a happy ending.


Emily James, Jessica Miller, Lyssa Damon, Sarah Hall, Tavares Bowleg, Nicole Labonte, April Y. Spellmeyer, Dawn P. Harrell, Astrid S., Gracefully Broken, Charlene Ann Benoit, Spenser Spellmeyer, Cristina Lane, Bizarre Mizz Williams, Tabassum Hasnat, Mandy Kocsis, Eva Coffey, Nicole Carlyon, T H Smart, Leigh Alison, Lorna Husband, Ruby Jane Prias, Sunny Wright, Jennifer Jennings Daves, Kathleen Schlomer, George Delgado, Brandy Lane, D. Rodgers, Kelli J Gavin, SA Quinox, PT Muldoon, Ashley Nicolson, Jerilyn Scavo Reed, Brenda Cierniak, Valerie Mesta, Amy Pasztas, Avant Avant-garde, Jamie Santomasso, Stephanie Mueller, C.N. Greer, B. Vigil, Shawna Olibamoyo, Sharil Miller, Bianca Marie Nery, Margie Watts, Will Hoeye, SLV, Ann Marie Eleazer, Gypsy’s Reverie, Mary O'Connell Loterbauer, Sharmani T. Adderley, Jai K, Jodie Bender S.B., Shauna Woodbury, Clint Davis, Lisa Pilgrim, Brandie Whaley, Diana Thomas, Emma Gledhill, Elizabeth, Jana Begovic, Brian Berryman, Stephanie Bennett-Henry, Jay Long

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