Big Numbers: New and Selected Poems

Big Numbers: New and Selected Poems
Collective Effort Press
1 November 2007

Big Numbers: New and Selected Poems

an urban poet. a poet of cafes and coffee shops. a poet of time\nand space. a poetry of language. a poetry of form and commitment.\nvisual poems, sound poems, number poems, work poems, love poems,\ngreek poems, poems about culture (and cultures). chinese poems.\ndia-lect poems. historical poems. ockers. jews. wogs. work-ers.\nwomen. crims. prostitutes. homeless. drunks and the down. a poetry\nof the office. a poetry of engaement. a poetry of fact and fiction.\na poet of landscape and land-scapes. landmines and lunacies. a\npoetry of script and scribble. a poetry of fragments, epics, and\nrhapsodies. a poetry of the morsel and the fragment. a poetry of\nthe oral / aura and verbal. a poetry of trace, traces, tensions\ntalks and torques. a poetry of performance, of voice, eye, ear,\nmouth, emotion and thought. a poetry of the postmodern. premodern\nand mostmodern. a poetry of the document and documentary. an\nanarchist poetry.


\“an instant classic\” - the author .


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