Set Me On Fire: A Poem For Every Feeling

Ella Risbridger

Set Me On Fire: A Poem For Every Feeling
Transworld Publishers Ltd
United Kingdom
15 October 2019

Set Me On Fire: A Poem For Every Feeling

Ella Risbridger

Set Me On Fire is an anthology for a new moment in poetry- a collection of fresh, vibrant voices from poets all over the globe, both living and dead. With an intuitive, accessible, feelings-first format, these are poems for the moments when you really need to know that someone else has been there too.   

These are poems about eating and kissing and having too many feelings, about being outside and inside and loving someone so much you think you might die. They are about break-ups and getting back together and oh-god-it’s-complicated-don’t-ask-me moments. They are about wanting and waiting and having, about grieving and life after death and the end of the world.     

They are, in other words, about being alive.

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