Optimisation of Renewable Energy Powered Desalination Systems

Ewaoche John Okampo, Nnamdi Nwulu, Pitshou Ntambu Bokoro

Optimisation of Renewable Energy Powered Desalination Systems
Institute of Physics Publishing
United Kingdom
27 December 2023

Optimisation of Renewable Energy Powered Desalination Systems

Ewaoche John Okampo, Nnamdi Nwulu, Pitshou Ntambu Bokoro

Energy and water are both essential commodities. The abundance of these resources is yet to transcend into adequate use, mainly because of infrastructural deficit, efficient management and utilization of both resources and exiting infrastructures. It is for this reason that international organizations like the United Nations propose and pursue sustainable development goals 6 and 7 which recommended 'clean water and sanitation' and 'Affordable and clean energy for all' respectively. To achieve a more comprehensive solution to these multifaceted complex problems, a roadmap with holistic techniques is needed.

The energy-water nexus concept describes the interconnection between both resources with the aim of maximizing synergy and addressing trade-offs between the two. This mutual relationship between energy and water could be two ways, either water utilization for energy generation or energy expended for water purification. It could also be the case of both energy and water interdependence for co-generation. In any case, the energy-water nexus is beneficial for domestic utilization, industrial use and for agricultural efficiency through irrigation for food production. The optimal design and utilization of this nexus for techno-economic and environmental sustainability is of high essence.

Key Features:

Provides a pathway towards effective and efficient utilization of the nexus of critical resources like energy, water, food and environment and explores relative advantages, synergies and trade-offs. Seeks to tie the Energy-Water nexus to related aspects of optimization, control and operation of emerging technologies. Provides a detailed analysis of Energy-Water nexus control and optimization tools, current trends, and outlook. Serves as a roadmap to the delivery of adequate, affordable, reliable, sustainable clean energy and water by developing mathematical models of optimal energy mix.

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