Aptasensors for Point-of-Care Diagnostics of Cancer: From Lab to Clinics

Aptasensors for Point-of-Care  Diagnostics of Cancer: From Lab to Clinics
Institute of Physics Publishing
United Kingdom
1 March 2023

Aptasensors for Point-of-Care Diagnostics of Cancer: From Lab to Clinics

The advantages offered by aptasensor-based point-of-care testing devices such as high sensitivity, specificity, cost-effectiveness, rapid detection, high stability in an adverse environment make them candidates of choice for on-site detection of cancer biomarkers in medical and clinical settings. The present book emphasizes the target-specific design and fabrication of aptasensors and their applications for cancer biomarkers diagnostics. It will provide the reader a timely update on the recent advances on aptamers-based point-of-care biosensors. It will also demonstrate the advantages that aptamers offer as a good alternative to antibody-based biosensors and that they are designed to target specific biomarkers associated with cancer. It will also shed light on nanostructured materials and their significance in the construction of point-of-care aptasensors. Furthermore, it will describe in detail the integration of point-of-care aptasensors-based sensing platform with a wireless platform (internet-of-medical things) for intelligent disease management. In short this book will demonstrate the current advancement of point-of-care aptasensors diagnostic devices, and their working principles, with an historical overview of their utility along with future developments.

Key Features:

Highlights strategies for the design and fabrication of aptasensor-based point-of-care devices for early detection of cancer and how these sensors have particular strengths over more conventional diagnostic tools.

Details the technology of aptasensor-based point-of-care devices for disease diagnosis, with specific focus on cancer diagnostic applications.

Includes detailed information on the integration of aptasensor point-ofcare technologies on the wireless platform internet-of-medical things for smart and intelligent disease management.

A number of chapter authors are well known researchers in point-of-care cancer diagnostics and have incorporated specific case studies within their respective chapters.

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