The Curiosities

Zana Fraillon

The Curiosities
Hachette Australia
29 September 2021

The Curiosities

Zana Fraillon

With the Curiosities, a whole world of wonders and possibles awaits…

Miro wakes one morning to find the world isn’t quite the way he thought it was.

When the Curiosities choose Miro as the one they nest on, Miro is led to discover all the marvels waiting in the shadows where no-one else looks. Sometimes though, the Curiosities can make Miro feel alone and invisible in the darkness.

But perhaps Miro isn’t as alone as he thinks…

A beautiful celebration of disability, diversity and pride in who you are, from one of Australia’s most loved and awarded writers for children.


Miro is a boy with Curiosities. They are ghostly, unusually shaped things that surround him – through them Miro can see things differently and notices things others do not. At first the Curiosities are small and quiet, but they grow and become loud and so strange people can’t ignore them. Miro tries to hide from them. He wants quiet and peace, and darkness envelopes him. But soon a thread finds him, and it leads him back to the people who welcome his differences. Miro starts to see that the more threads that grow, the easier it is to guide himself out of the darkness when it comes.

This book was written for a child with Tourette Syndrome in mind, and it is perfect for helping all children understand the unique differences people with Tourette’s experience. However, The Curiosities is also written in such a way that it can help young readers understand all manner of differences.

It’s an important book, because we can’t ask children to accept and love their differences, without also teaching children to accept and love differences in others. Phil Lesnie’s beautiful illustrations add so much to the story, and I highly recommend this book for all kids ages 4+.

Dani Solomon is the manager of Readings Kids

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