Lost American Projects: A Spacecraft Modellers Guide

Mat Irvine, David Baker

Lost American Projects: A Spacecraft Modellers Guide
The Crowood Press Ltd
United Kingdom
26 February 2024

Lost American Projects: A Spacecraft Modellers Guide

Mat Irvine, David Baker

Bring to life America's most amazing space projects that never were, using highly illustrated step-by-step guides. The major American space programmes that carried crews are well known. From Mercury, Gemini and Apollo in the 1960s and into the 1970s, through to the 1980s Space Shuttle, which made its final flight in 2011, they have all made their mark ? even the North American X-15 rocket plane that earned many of its pilots their Astronaut Wings, owing to its high-altitude capability. All these involved a lot of new hardware, including the Saturn rockets, the Apollo craft and the Shuttle Orbiter with its solid-fuel rocket boosters and giant external tank. During this time of actual missions, space scientists and engineers were also looking at how all these new techniques and hardware could be put to even greater use. Many plans were devised, artwork drawn and technical models produced to illustrate the proposals. However, none were ever built and certainly none ever flew. This book looks at what could have been and how they can be built as models to display alongside those that did actually fly. Lost American Projects ? A Spacecraft Modeller's Guide is a follow-on to Mat Irvine's earlier book, Scale Spacecraft Modelling. AUTHORS: Mat Irvine has had a long association with spacecraft modelling, both as an amateur hobbyist and professionally. He was a special effects designer at the BBC for almost 25 years, not only working on SF series such as Doctor Who and Blake's 7, but also many factual science programmes, from Horizon to Stargazing Live. He also regularly appeared on children's programmes explaining about the latest space missions. He has also worked closely with many of the model companies around the world, advising on their 'space model' output. He has written a number of books and articles on space and modelling and is a Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society. David Baker has an interest in air and space projects and has written a number of books and articles on both subjects, many covering the technical history and programme changes that affected engineering projects in these fields. In 1986, David was elected a voting member of the International Academy of Astronautics and has received a number of international awards over the years, including the American Astronautical Society's Frederick I Ordway III award for 'sustained excellence in space coverage. 308 illustrations

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