Meet Me at the Moon Tree

Shivaun Plozza

Meet Me at the Moon Tree
University of Queensland Press
4 July 2023

Meet Me at the Moon Tree

Shivaun Plozza

A tender Australian story about searching for the impossible in the places where magic and science meet.

For Carina Sugden, there is nothing more special than a moon tree - a tree grown from the seeds taken on the 1971 Apollo mission into space. Her father taught her everything she knows about them. But he passed away before they found one together.

When Mum relocates the family to a small town in the Otway Ranges, Carina becomes determined to find a moon tree on her own. Like a scientist, she methodically searches the forest behind her new house. But after a mysterious encounter with a black cockatoo, Carina realises there's magic in this forest. And if magic really exists, anything is possible, like seeing her dad one last time...

Meet Me at the Moon Tree is a heart-healing book about believing in magic, in science, and in the power of love.


Meet Me at the Moon Tree by Shivaun Plozza is a real treasure, and it’s one that hit me harder than I expected. Known for A Reluctant Witch’s Guide to Magic; The Boy, The Wolf and the Stars; and Frankie, Plozza’s latest middle grade novel is magical and entirely different to her previous works.

Ten-year-old Carina is obsessed with moon trees – trees that have been planted from seeds taken into space on the 1971 Apollo 14 mission. She believes the trees will be magical, and that she can find one in the forest surrounding her family’s new home in the Otway ranges. Everything’s changed for Carina’s family – her dad recently passed away after his leukaemia diagnosis.

This is a story about grief, change, friendships, nature, science and healing. But it’s so much more than that – it’s a moving story of Carina’s desperate need to communicate how much she misses her father and her fundamental belief in the magic of trees. Helped along by a cockatoo and a new friend in her small town, Carina finds the courage to talk with her family about their collective grief. It is a stunning book with laughter and tears guaranteed. For fans of Nova Weetman, Danielle Binks, Erin Entrada Kelly and Pip Harry aged 9+.

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