Ceramic Art

Margaret S. Graves,Sequoia Miller,Magdalene Odundo,Vicki Parry

Ceramic Art
Princeton University Press
United States
15 August 2023

Ceramic Art

Margaret S. Graves,Sequoia Miller,Magdalene Odundo,Vicki Parry

A new examination of the history of ceramic art, spanning ancient to modern times, emphasizing its traditions, materials, and methods of making

Concise but comprehensive, Ceramic Art brings together the voices of art historians, conservators, and artists to tell the history of making art from fired clay. The story spans history and continents, examining the global traditions of ceramists that range from pre-Columbian Peruvian artisans to contemporary African studio potters.

The volume shows how human need gave rise to multiple traditions in earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, glaze, and surface decoration from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. Essays describe the core materials and practice of ceramics, followed by consideration of its production, consumption, and use. Throughout, the focus is on the power of materials and the role conservation plays in the afterlife of a ceramic object.

An accessible introduction to an ancient practice, Ceramic Art offers new ways of thinking about the broader forces that have shaped the traditions of the medium.

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