A River of Fortune

Paula Welch

A River of Fortune
Paula Welch
15 December 2021

A River of Fortune

Paula Welch

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What would you do if you found GBP1.2 million in a Devonshire river?

Maggie Malloy was a shy and predictable young woman, who found herself one day at a crossroads. The cruel death of a dear friend had left Maggie saddened, depressed and angry. But during a long walk along a Devonshire river, Maggie makes an amazing discovery. Life had just bestowed upon Maggie an appealing opportunity, albeit illegal.

Discovering a case full of money in a river, Maggie makes a life-changing decision - she keeps it. Maggie hatches a plan, and with the help of her four endearing friends; Morwenna, Anaya, Chloe, and Julie she sets her plan in motion by giving the money away to the people of Friars Meadow, a town she has lived in all her life, and to restore it to its past glory. Maggie’s life-changing decision will start the five women on a journey of enlightenment, charity, and danger.

Through Maggie’s journey, she learns the value of friendship and more importantly, how to live again. Not only do Maggie’s fortunes blossom, but so do those of her friends. The four friends have the time of their lives as Maggie’s plan is put into action. Morwenna, Anaya and Julie become the trustees of a Trust, set up by Maggie, in honour of their dead friend. Maggie also helps Chloe become the next town councillor before seeking the position of Mayor. Although, there are some in town who distrust what the women are doing and start to investigate their activities.

Yet their best laid plans start to unravel as those who stole the case are still looking for it and will stop at nothing to retrieve it. Unbeknown to Maggie, a small black box inside the case is far more valuable than the money itself and if it fell into the wrong hands could spell disaster for the government.

However, it isn’t just dangerous criminals who are searching for the case, the British intelligence agency, GCHQ are also searching for it. Jonathan Swift, a senior analyst has been assigned the task of finding it before it ends up in the wrong hands. His investigation will eventually lead him to Maggie’s door.

But will Jonathan be able to save Maggie and her friends before it’s too late. Will Maggie be able to outmanoeuvre all threats or risk losing everything she holds dear?

Who will find Maggie first?

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