Fall Silver Artemis

Joel Adam Preston

Fall Silver Artemis
Joel Preston
1 May 2022

Fall Silver Artemis

Joel Adam Preston

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Rumour has long stated that monsters slumber in the deep places of the world…

Creatures of sheer terror beyond even gods or angels.

Melissa Pythia and her team are about to wake one of them up…


The quest to claim in the power of Zeus continues as we join protagonist Danni Quinn and her team as they hunt for an artefact of the missing God-King. Led by the reincarnated Oracle of Delphi, Melissa Pythia, the team comes to learn that there are darker powers at work than that the angels of Heaven and the monsters of Hell.

Joshua Dare and the rest of the gang return in the action/adventure epic combining elements of contemporary religion, ancient mythology and the long-awaited introduction of the Cthulhu mythos to the series.

Following on from the events of In the Shadow of The Old World and Earth’s Mightiest Warrior, Fall Silver Artemis is a true epic and a book you will want to read from start to finish in one hit! Australian author Joel Preston brings you an adventure across the USA, Europe, New Zealand, Africa and even the world’s loneliest place. Strap yourself in for one hell of a ride!

Speaking of long-awaited, two characters seperated in book one are about to reunite in the first time since the adventure began… Will sparks fly when Danni Quinn and Joshua Dare are brought together after everything that’s happened?

In a race against time, with the odds against them, the Australian Supernatural Taskforce needs a lucky break. It arrives in the form of a mysterious black book - the Necronomicon. But could this new trove of information be leading them down a dark and twisted path?



After the werewolf incident in 2019, Danni Quinn has completed her training and is on her first mission. The goal: finding an artefact of the lost God Zeus. When Danni and her team crash a wild ritual in the remote swamps of Florida, they find a black book full of occult symbols. Their resident expert believes that the answer to finding an artefact of Zeus could be in its pages. Seeking further guidance, Danni and her boss, the reincarnated Oracle of Delphi, Melissa Pythia, set out to find the Goddess Artemis.

Artemis being hunted by hellhounds and falls into a trap, taking Danni and Melissa on a journey through Hell. Travelling across the scorched plains they meet the long dead hero, Sigurd the Volsung, who agrees to aide them on their quest. After an encounter with Lucifer, Artemis is forced to break sacred laws to get them back to the mortal world.

The black book leads Danni’s team down a path towards sunken cities and alien horrors. With the help of her former flame, Joshua Dare, and the rest of the AST, they are forced to compete for an artefact of Zeus. But another more pressing issue arises when they are tasked with a new mission in Africa. The tower that detects divine magic for the forces of Heaven must be destroyed, and Danni will risk everything to do it…

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