Too Much for Turtle

Cat Rabbit,Isobel Knowles

Too Much for Turtle
Thames and Hudson (Australia) Pty Ltd
1 April 2015

Too Much for Turtle

Cat Rabbit,Isobel Knowles

Turtle is so shy she lives alone in a treehouse. One day a storm brings a flood of unexpected visitors to her door looking for help. Will this be too much for Turtle?

A delightful storybook from the authors of the 2012 bestseller Owl Know How, Cat Rabbit and Isobel Knowles have created yet another painstakingly detailed handmade world (everything is made from felt and cardboard - no Photoshop whatsoever!) and a new set of animal characters who kids will love.

Too Much for Turtle is about overcoming shyness, making friendships and building treehouses!


Creative Melbourne duo, Cat Rabbit and Isobel Knowles, have produced a crafty, quirky picture bookabout a reclusive turtle that learns to come out of its shell and get to know the neighbours.

When a terrible flood strikes the village, Turtle and her tree house become a safe haven for all the local creatures that have lost their homes. Before she knows it, Turtle has a loris, a pelican, rabbits, alpacas and even echidnas in her sky-high home. But when an elephant tries to squeeze in, things really become chaotic!

This is a fun story with a gentle message about overcoming shyness, but the real joy lies in poring over the detail in the felted characters, their household objects and the world the authors have painstakingly created. Keen crafters can even make their own turtle using the pattern atthe back of the book. This is a truly delightful picture book!

Angela Crocombe

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