Womb: The Inside Story of Where We All Began

Leah Hazard

Womb: The Inside Story of Where We All Began
Little, Brown Book Group
United Kingdom
14 March 2023

Womb: The Inside Story of Where We All Began

Leah Hazard

The size of a clenched fist, the shape of a lightbulb, with no less power and potential…

Womb is the inside story of where we all began. Bringing together medical history, scientific discoveries and journalistic exploration, Leah Hazard traverses the globe in search of the truth about one of the most under-researched and important organs of the body, talking to the boundary-breaking women and men working in the field.

  • What is upsuck and why does it change everything?
  • Can cervical crypts store sperm for up to six weeks?
  • Do hysterectomies affect sexual pleasure?
  • Is the womb connected to the brain?
  • How can smart tampons help healthcare?
  • Why does endometriosis take so long to be diagnosed?
  • Who birthed the first baby from a donor womb?
  • Where are women still subject to forced sterilisation?
  • When will external gestation be possible?

With the wisdom, kindness and humour of an experienced midwife, Leah guides us on an extraordinary journey. Revelatory and moving, Womb shows that we must understand the uterus not just for healthcare - but for our human rights.

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