The Life of Jesus

Sally Grindley

The Life of Jesus
Dorling Kindersley Ltd
United Kingdom
1 March 2022

The Life of Jesus

Sally Grindley

The remarkable life of Jesus retold for children

Discover the events in the life of Jesus, and how his message reached so many people

Read the story of the life of Jesus of Nazareth, son of God, from his birth in the Bethlehem stable to his crucifixion, death, and miraculous resurrection. What was he like as a boy, how did he start to preach, and what’s the meaning of his parables, such as the Good Samaritan? How did he feed five thousand and calm storms? All major events of his life are told in 26 stories, revealing how Jesus’s message reached many people through his preaching, healing, forgiveness, and miracles. Using the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John as reference, this is a child-friendly introduction to the message of the Bible’s New Testament.

Rich illustrations accompany each story, making it perfect for children to follow by themselves, and for reading aloud or together with parents or grandparents.

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