The Futurological Congress

Stanislaw Lem

The Futurological Congress
Penguin Books Ltd
United Kingdom
2 November 2017

The Futurological Congress

Stanislaw Lem

A funny and frightening vision of an overcrowded future earth, from the science fiction master

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Both gruesome and very funny, The Futurological Congress is the story of an ill-fated gathering of scientists who meet in a vast luxury hotel in the smog-bound, chronically over-populated Costa Rica of the future. Caught up in a revolution, the congress ends in a shambles as the authorities try to quell discontent by pouring hallucinogenic drugs into the water-supply. The beleaguered hero, Ijon Tichy (well-known to readers of Lem’s The Star Diaries) is shot, frozen and thawed out years later, to find the Earth he had known changed in entirely unexpected ways.

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