What Happens When They Don't Grow Back: The Upside Down View of Life After a Bilateral Mastectomy

Peta-Ann Wood

What Happens When They Don't Grow Back: The Upside Down View of Life After a Bilateral Mastectomy
Tellwell Talent
21 July 2022

What Happens When They Don’t Grow Back: The Upside Down View of Life After a Bilateral Mastectomy

Peta-Ann Wood

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After breast cancer treatment, Peta-Ann is elegantly rebelling. She is staying flat. Being herself. Stylishly. Authentically. No boobs required.

From Peta-Ann’s unique view of life with giant breasts and then without, no subject is sacred in this light-hearted, somewhat quirky tale about life after a bilateral mastectomy. Do not expect normal from this book. Normal is, in fact, debunked.

Every now and then we are presented with life situations that challenge our status quo and how we perceive ourselves, and how we feel society perceives us. Sometimes we allow these things to define our confidence and our personal style.

This is an insight into how and why Peta-Ann went against society’s perception that women need breasts to be accepted and chose to stay flat - meaning no prosthesis, no reconstruction, and very concave ribs.

Throughout this odyssey there was much ignoring of her own inner-knowing and intuition. But Peta-Ann got there, and she shares how. Her elegantly unique toolkit is filled to the brim with the science stuff, the woo-woo and everything in between.

By sharing her experience and toolkit, Peta-Ann hopes others will find their own voice. Take up their own space. Stand in their own personal power. Ask their own questions. Find their own truth. Celebrate their uniqueness.

And above all, be able to choose and voice what is the best option for themselves - and only themselves - post mastectomy, whether that is staying flat, reconstructed or prosthesis-upped.

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