Capitalism: World's Greatest Fraud

Jj Rousso

Capitalism: World's Greatest Fraud
Tellwell Talent
21 July 2022

Capitalism: World’s Greatest Fraud

Jj Rousso

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This book is not about ending capitalism. It is about ending the way it is today - a system that doesn’t work for the majority of the people. Capitalism is a mean, unjust and uncivilized system, with no limits to exploitation or violence, as seen by today’s imperialist wars and genocides, and they’re all increasing.

Capitalism only exists because the rich use lies, censorship and gross hypocrisies to keep the people misinformed and deluded by owning all the mainstream media. This is so overwhelming that even academics are fooled and misled. This book, however, gives you the straight goods, without any pressure from anyone, as I’m retired, nearly 90 years old and independent. Read this book if you want to see the true world. Capitalism is a law-of-the-jungle system, in which its inherent greed has created at least five major catastrophes that are threatening to extinguish human life on Earth. The two most dangerous are nuclear war - which can occur at any time - and global warming. This is already seen by huge fires, floods, hurricanes, decreasing farmland, food, water and so forth. Uprisings will result and emergency (martial law) will be decreed.

A Great Reset of the economy is also planned, which some say is fascism in disguise. It will be by indentured debt, high technology and digitization of everything to increase control over the people. Regardless, hyper-inflation and another Great Depression will soon commence, along with a class war as the ruling elite choose emergency rule (military force) rather than elections.

In the meantime, the US has declared WWIII against Russia. It has implemented three-quarters of requirements for war. It has cut off all trade with Russia, confiscated all its currency reserves (more than $350 billion in Western banks), and censors all alternate views. Only the missiles, shooting and dying are left for a full-fledged war to extinction.

This can be all avoided if the people become politically informed. Hence, give this book to all your friends before it is banned, martial law is decreed and fascism begins. The last train is leaving. Better jump on board before it’s too late, as the catastrophes are all knocking. Do you hear them?

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