Slinky Malinki, Early Bird

Lynley Dodd

Slinky Malinki, Early Bird
Penguin Group (NZ)
New Zealand
25 September 2013

Slinky Malinki, Early Bird

Lynley Dodd

Slinky Malinki likes to wake up very early in the morning. He thinks his family should too, but do they agree?

Lynley Dodd’s favourite slinky black cat returns for a fifth mischievous adventure - to pester everyone out of bed early!

‘PESKY OLD SLINKY!’ the family moaned, ‘You woke us TOO EARLY!’ they grumbled and groaned …

Rapscallion cat Slinky Malinki likes to get up before everyone else in the morning, so he can wake the family one by one.

He tries every trick in the book- sitting on their heads, biting their toes, leaping on their limbs, yowling.

And what do you think the cheeky cat will do once he’s succeeded in bothering everyone out of bed?

In this hilarious rhyming story Lynley Dodd captures a situation that will be recognised by anyone who has ever shared a house with a cat!

‘a delightful story … for the littlest cat lover in the family’ Herald on Sunday

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