Harry By the Sea

Gene Zion, Margaret Bloy Graham (illus.)

Harry By the Sea
Random House Children's Publishers UK
United Kingdom
6 September 1994

Harry By the Sea

Gene Zion, Margaret Bloy Graham (illus.)

Harry, the black and white dog with a nose for mischief, is back!

Harry and the family have gone to the beach but it's too sunny and he's one hot dog! There's nowhere else for him to get some shade than under a pile of seaweed! The only problem is that now everyone thinks he's a sea monster and he can't find his family.

This is the third classic story from the Harry series and is as fresh and funny as when it was first written.


I have several picture books from childhood I can’t bear to part with. I don’t know why, it’s just a feeling, a memory from years ago that began with words and pictures on a page capturing my young imagination. The ever-popular Where the Wild Things Are was certainly loved, but one which receives less attention is the series of Harry books. My favourite was Harry By the Sea, the third book featuring the mischievous black-and-white dog.

Harry’s family are on a beach holiday and it’s very hot. There’s no room for him under their beach umbrella, so he wanders off looking for ways to escape the heat. While resting at the water’s edge, a wave crashes over Harry, covering him in seaweed. Suddenly he looks like a sea monster, which scares the beachgoers, who scatter, screaming. All he wants to do is find his family, but every umbrella looks the same. As the seaweed-covered Harry searches unknowingly pursued by beach attendants, chaos ensues.

Harry’s adventures are as funny and relatable as they were when I was first introduced to the scallywag’s antics and the classic illustrations from Margaret Bloy Graham are a joy. Perfect for ages 3+.

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